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Bud Light and a revised opinion

Posted in American Craft Beer, Macrobrews, Tracks Brewing, Utah Beer by dailybeerproject on April 15, 2010

I decided it wasn’t fair to make fun of Bud Light and the people who drink it without having actually tried the stuff. And because macrobrews are at their best when one is hot and thirsty, I figured an opportune moment to have a Bud Light was last weekend right after I finished a bike race.

I would have rather had a Budweiser. The Bud Light didn’t taste bad, it just tasted like someone had poured water in some Budweiser. I’d rather have the extra 30 calories and drink a Budweiser, but that’s just me. If it’s good enough and saving 30 calories is important to you, I won’t fault you for that. I’ll give it a rating of good, because if someone offered me one, I wouldn’t turn it down. But really, if you’re someplace that has an extensive offering of beers why would you choose this one?

I raced again the next day, and the race ended at Tracks Brewing Company. They were serving beer out on the patio and offered two choices: Tracks Amber Ale and Bud Light. I opted for the Amber Ale even though I had rated it not awesome. I wanted to see if my opinion of the beer had been tainted a bit by the inept service when I tried it the first time. I think it had, because choosing the amber over the Bud Light was the right call. It’s good–I wouldn’t turn it down in the future. But I wouldn’t drive out there just to try it, either.


Tracks Brewing & Captain Bastard’s

Posted in American Craft Beer, Not Beer, Squatters, Tracks Brewing, Utah Beer by dailybeerproject on March 13, 2010

Continuing phase two of the project, I needed to head a bit off the beaten path to visit Tracks Brewing Company. And since I have a friend who works at an army base out in the desert and Tracks is somewhere in between, we agreed to meet there Friday after work.

Neither of us had been there before, so we both started with the sampler. The first thing we sampled was the Light Rail, which the brewery describes as “lightly hopped, light bodied, American Light Lager with a nice malty finish, smooth going down and comparable to other light beers.” Which in real life means it tastes like Budweiser. Except Budweiser is better. We should have known we were dealing with an incompetent brewery when on the website, this lager is called Light Rail Ale. Other clues to the incompetence should have been that the place was empty at 5:30 on a Friday and that there were advertisements on the walls for Bud Light and Corona.

It didn’t get better from there. The Incinerator Pale Ale, which is described as “a very hoppy beer, emulating the traditional IPA” had almost no discernible flavor of hops to it. It was like a not-very-hoppy amber. The Tooele Tar stout just tasted like burnt malt. And the hefeweizen tasted like Country Time lemonade from a mix that had had a piece of toast dipped in it. They talked up the Agent Amber Ale, but it was just as disappointing as everything else. To top it off, they didn’t even have a drink menu, and the waitress was wholly unable to even describe anything about the beers, in one case not even remembering the full name or style of what she was serving to us.

I ended up ordering a pint of the IPA just to have something to drink. And in order to keep the night from being a total waste, I thought I’d follow SYJ’s advice from my whiskey post and try Jameson’s. Since I hadn’t finished my beer, I’m pretty sure the waitress violated one of our whacky state liquor laws by serving me more than one drink at a time.

The Jameson’s was actually much, much better than the Jack or that Canadian crap I tried a while ago. Not sure it’s something I’d ever really get into, but I could see myself ordering it again in the future. Much more pleasant going down without the volatile aftertaste I had previously.

All six beers I tried at Tracks were pretty much not awesome. Had I not been so disappointed with everything else, I may have rated the IPA as good, but since I’d hardly call it an IPA, and I’d never go all the way out there just to have it, I’ll leave the not awesome tag on all of them. They just hired a new brewmaster about a month ago. I hope he’s got some skill and can get that place turned around.

When I got back home, I didn’t want to end the evening with such a lousy beer drinking experience, so I opened a bottle of Captain Bastard’s oatmeal stout from Squatters. I wish I would have liked it more than I did. Although it was better than the Tooele Tar, it was still not something I’d ever buy again, so I guess it also gets a rating of not awesome.

Here’s hoping that the worst of phase two is now behind me.