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Hopper’s Brewpub

Posted in American Craft Beer, Hoppers, Utah Beer by dailybeerproject on April 20, 2010

Friday night I was in the mood for some post-movie* refreshment and was near enough Hopper’s Brewpub that heading there seemed like a good option. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect. Part of that has to do with their size–Hopper’s is just one location, and they don’t sell bottled beer outside of the brewpub. Most of the other local breweries either have more than one location (Red Rock, Squatters, Roosters), or they sell bottled beer at retail and/or distribute their kegged beer to other pubs (Wasatch, Bohemian, Uinta, Moab). If Hopper’s has good beer, why is there only one place to get it?

*Wondering what movie I saw? Date Night. Go see it if you haven’t. It’s hilarious. So many great lines from that movie. Tina Fey and Steve Carell are fabulous. I may go see it again.

And while I can’t answer the limited distribution question, I can say that Hopper’s has good beer. I got the sampler, which included Honey Wheat, Oh My Hefeweizen, Uno Mas, This is the Pilsener, Pale Morning Ale, McGee’s Red, Rockwell Porter, Madame X Stout, and two seasonals, an amber and another I don’t remember.

They were all at least good, but those that stood out as being awesome were the Honey Wheat, Uno Mas, McGee’s Red, and Madame X. The amber was just short of awesome, but with McGee’s red on the year-round menu, I wouldn’t order it unless I were sick of the red.

Honey Wheat and Uno Mas are both refreshing, hot weather beers. Both have a pleasant bit of sourness to them and are light and easy-drinking. Uno Mas is a Mexican-style lager, but I think it outdoes Tecate and Corona.

McGee’s Red is medium in color and flavor. It’s got a good balance of hops and malt with a nice bite to it. A very good beer to have with dinner. Madame X is quite toasty and dark and is served on Nitro, so the head is super foamy and creamy, but there are no dissolved bubbles in the beer itself. I quite like the taste of dark beers served on Nitro and would definitely order this one again.