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Epic Mid-Mountain Mild

Posted in American Craft Beer, Epic Brewing, Utah Beer by dailybeerproject on January 4, 2011

My English colleague describes mild ale as “old man beer.” He says that in England, old men are the only people who drink them. It’s just not a style that’s in vogue with younger beer drinkers.

It’s not the most exciting style, and certainly won’t tickle the fancy of a hop head, but that’s not to say Epic’s version isn’t well-executed. It’s got a very mild, fruity malt and minimal hops. Super easy to drink, with nothing objectionable. Seems like a beer that would be a good alternative for the hefeweizen crowd, as it’s easy to drink like a hefeweizen but with a little more character. It’s not my favorite beer, but for what it is, it’s well done and worthy of an awesome rating.

For a brand-new brewery, Epic has produced a remarkable array of beers. This is the 17th beer I’ve sampled from that brewery. They haven’t all been winners for me, but I’ve enjoyed most of them. And I love that they are all sold as single 22 ounce bombers, which makes sampling easy but still leaves you with enough to share.


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  1. […] I stopped in at Epic a few weeks ago to grab the Mid Mountain Mild, I couldn’t leave with just one beer. So I got a bottle of the Captain Crompton’s Pale […]

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