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St. Peter’s India Pale Ale

Posted in Imports by dailybeerproject on August 27, 2010

Just as the Landlord Strong Pale Ale was a bit milder than pale ales typically produced by American craft brewers, so too was this English-made India Pale Ale. At 5.5% abv, it has about the same alcohol content as most American pale ales, and was lower still than most American-made IPAs.

All of which is not necessarily a bad thing. IPAs have their own unique appeal, but they don’t need to take the enamel off of your teeth in order to be good. As I mentioned in my previous post, session beers have a certain allure that one simply doesn’t get from a really strong beer. And while this isn’t really a session beer, it wasn’t so strong that having more than one or two would be irresponsible.

The strength of the beer is irrelevent if it doesn’t taste good. Like the Landlord, the hops weren’t so strong that you couldn’t taste the malt, which was sweet and caramel. The hops were quite fruity, so while there was definitely bitter, it wasn’t all that you tasted. Overall, an awesome combination, and again, something I’d love to drink again if I could find it around here.


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  1. New Benelux? « Daily beer project said, on October 20, 2010 at 7:23 pm

    […] one. The anticipation was rewarded, as this is a fine beer. Interestingly, this was closer to the English IPA tradition than that of the Western United States in that the alcohol content was a mere 5.8%. The hops were […]

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