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Landlord Strong Pale Ale

Posted in Imports by dailybeerproject on August 25, 2010

Utah beer drinkers accustomed to 4% abv beer would feel right at home in England, as most beer served in English pubs comes in between 3-5% abv, with an average of about 4%. Landlord Strong Pale Ale from Timothy Taylor Brewery is a typical pale ale, a bit darker and hoppier than an English bitter, with alcohol content at 4.1%. All of the beers made by the Timothy Taylor brewery are between 3.5% and 4.3% abv–session beers, beers you can sit at the pub and have a few of without staggering home. 

This beer poured a medium amber color (or should I say colour?), with a really thin head that dissipated quite quickly. I poured it and had the first sip right out of the fridge, but the recommended serving temperature is 54-58 degrees. That seemed really warm to me, but I took it out to the garage to sip as I did some work on my bike. I drank it over the course of an hour or so, and indeed, the flavor improved as it warmed. By the end it was probably right around 55-60 degrees, and I’d say the sweet spot was cooler than that. But perhaps the English palate is more attuned to the warmer temperature than I am.

Either way, this beer was delicious and awesome. Very much a session beer, even though I just had the one. My wife referred to it as a good “weekday beer,” which I think is a good assessment–something to enjoy at the end of the day.

The hops weren’t nearly as strong as they are in a lot of American pale ales, but they were noticeable without overwhelming the malt. The malt was sweet with just a hint of sour and caramel, which made for a nice aroma and flavor. Overall a really great beer and one I’d gladly have again if I didn’t need to cross the Atlantic to get it.


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  1. […] out “yes, but it’s 4%….” To which I would respond that that’s the same as what you would find in English pubs, and nobody seems to think it’s a problem there. I guess if you’re looking to get drunk […]

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