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Three more from Epic + Torpedo IPA + Two more from Desert Edge + Bookers

Posted in American Craft Beer, Desert Edge, Epic Brewing, Not Beer, Utah Beer by dailybeerproject on July 7, 2010

Seems as if I’ve completely departed from the daily format and now just update weekly. Or every-other-weekly. But better a bunch at once than not at all, I guess. Since my last post, I’ve sampled three more beers from Epic, another from Sierra Nevada, two from Desert Edge, and Bookers Bourbon. In that order:

Epic Smoked and Oaked: I was really excited about this one just because it sounded so unique and exotic. The beer is smoked and then fermented in oak barrels. Unfortunately, the smoke was overwhelming. So much so as to garner a not awesome rating. Sorry Epic. I feel guilty dealing you a not awesome rating, but I’d turn this beer down, even if offered for free. The good news, though, is that what was left in the bottle that I didn’t drink made a great brazing liquid for a pot roast. The pot roast was seriously awesome. Not worth buying a bottle of this beer just for brazing purposes awesome, but awesome nonetheless.

Epic Belgian-style Wit: Another one I was excited about only to be disappointed after drinking it. It was just too malty for me. Needed some hops to balance things out a bit, but as it was, the malt sort of stuck in the back of my throat. I’ll rate it good, as if it were offered, I wouldn’t turn it down. But not one I’ll rush over to buy as soon as it’s in the cooler. After sampling this I came away wondering if the really lightly-hopped Belgians just aren’t for me. Am I becoming a hop head?

Epic Copper Cone Pale Ale: I got the second-last bottle they had of this in the cooler the Friday before 4th of July weekend. Glad I did. Unequivocally awesome. And I think indicative of the gradual shift in my palate that I was excited about the Belgian Wit but nervous about this one. I loved this beer. Very hoppy, but very, very good. Shared this with Alex over some awesome appetizers his wife made, and it was a delight. I’ll grab more of the next batch for certain.

Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA: I bought this one by accident. I was interested in revisiting the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Both have green labels, both were adjacent one another at the liquor store, and I just grabbed the wrong one. And I’m glad I did. I was nervous to try it, since I wasn’t crazy about the Pale Ale first go around. This one should have made me very nervous, what with 65 IBUs versus 37 in the Pale Ale. But you know what, I liked loved it. Which maybe does confirm that I’m becoming a hop head. We’ll see.

Desert Edge Utah Pale Ale: Had this as a sampler at Stella Grill, which is an affiliate of Desert Edge Brewery. It’s somewhere in between the Trader IPA from Uinta and Full Suspension from Squatters in flavor. Medium in color and on the hoppy side, but well-balanced and refreshing. Good but maybe short of awesome, but I’d have no qualms drinking it again. Or going to Stella again, for that matter.

Desert Edge Road Range Rye: I guess I have a weakness for rye beers. I had the bartender at Bohemian tell me that he and most of the staff didn’t care for theirs, but I love it. Same for Desert Edge. Very good stuff, and a good beer to have with food. I started with a sampler of this and the UPA, and I chose this for the full pint. But it was a tough call because I liked both. Awesome beer, though Desert Edge and Bohemian should get together to disambiguate the names of their respective rye beers.

Bookers bourbon: Since my first foray into whiskey, my tastes have really come around. To the point that I now keep a bottle of Jameson’s in the house. Jameson’s on the rocks can be just the ticket to help unwind at the end of a stressful day. I’ve been looking forward to seeing how Booker’s compares. Is it as good? And if it is better, is it worth paying twice as much?

So when I recently found myself watching a World Cup match at a bar that serves Bookers, I gave it a go. And it’s good. Very smooth and mellow without being in any way weak or unpleasant. Something I would indulge in if it weren’t so expensive. But as good as it is, it’s not twice as good as my favorite alternative, Jameson’s. So I’ll stick with the Irish whiskey when I’m in the mood for whiskey. For now.


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