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Boont Amber, Tiger, & Pete’s Wicked

Posted in American Craft Beer, Imports by dailybeerproject on June 2, 2010

A few more to add to the tally from the weekend. Thought I’d write some notes while I still remember.

Anderson Valley Brewing Company Boont Amber Ale: Seems as if American craft breweries are obligated to produce an amber and a pale ale if they’re going to make anything at all. Makes sense, given the popularity of both. But at the same time it makes it hard to stand out in a crowd. AVBC’s Boont amber is good but not exceptional. And while it’s easy enough to find at the liquor store, it’s not one I’d go out of my way to find. Not to mention Full Sail is cheaper and better. Happy to have tried it, but no hurry to find my next one.

Tiger Beer: This was sort of a bucket list sampling. Nothing I was dying to try but figured since I could get it, I should try it. For some reason I thought it was Malaysian, but it’s brewed in Singapore. After I spent a week there, I’ve not had any desire to return to Singapore. This beer didn’t change that. I was expecting something like Budweiser or maybe Heineken, and what I got was somewhere in between. Yet another lager that doesn’t do anything special but that’s good enough to drink. It had some of the sourness of Heineken and other euro macrobrews, but not to the degree and unpleasantness of Heineken. The best thing about it was the artwork on the bottle cap, which is actually really cool.

Pete’s Wicked Ale: This is described as a ruby brown ale, a description I’ve not heard before, but that I guess is a good marketing tack if you don’t want to be just plain brown. Even more important than the description is the quality of the product, and Pete’s has done well in that regard. It’s rich and smooth. The hops are subtle and just right to not distract you from the malt, which is what really shines with this beer. Awesome stuff–looking forward to trying the Pete’s Strawberry Blonde that’s sitting in my fridge.


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