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Killian’s Irish Red

Posted in Macrobrews by dailybeerproject on May 23, 2010

The wife and I went to dinner Friday night at a restaurant we selected in large part because they had Booker’s on the drink menu, and I really wanted to try Booker’s without dropping $60 on a bottle. So we sit down and the waiter comes to get our drink order.

“I’ll have Booker’s.”

“We drank it all. Well not us, I mean customers. But I don’t think we have any more.”

I sulked for a moment. Then, since Killian’s was the only thing on the beer menu I hadn’t tried, I ordered some. I knew it was one of those macrobrews that had a name purchased from some historic-but-defunct brewery, but I didn’t know any details.

The details are that the Killian’s name was purchased by Coors from Pelforth brewery in France, who purchased it from Lett’s brewery in Ireland when they closed in 1956. Killian’s Irish Red was actually produced in Ireland from 1864 to 1956. Who’s to say whether they went under because the beer wasn’t that good or because of mismanagement. Killian’s Biere Rousse is still made and distributed in France by Pelforth.

Knowing as I did that this amber lager was a macrobrew with another name, I got about what I expected. My wife asked me how it was, and I said it was like Budweiser, only red. Which is not to say it was bad. Remember, I like Budweiser. It was just nothing to get excited about. Yet another “good” beer–wouldn’t turn it down, wouldn’t seek it out.


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