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Full Sail Amber Ale

Posted in American Craft Beer by dailybeerproject on May 20, 2010

This might be the best amber I’ve had to date. Way good stuff, and I had serious regrets that I only had the one bottle. Of course, I downed it along with a plate of nachos after about 40 miles on the bike, so that may have affected my perception.

Ambers to me are all about balance. Balanced between dark and light. Balanced between hoppy and malty. Not too strong, but strong enough that you know you’ve had one. Goldilocks beers. Full Sail seems to capture that perfectly. Any twinges of regret that I can’t get Fat Tire locally have more or less gone away since trying this. Awesome through and through.


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  1. […] to find at the liquor store, it’s not one I’d go out of my way to find. Not to mention Full Sail is cheaper and better. Happy to have tried it, but no hurry to find my next […]

  2. […] Henry Weinhard’s Blonde Lager: Nothing spectacular about this beer, but nothing not to like either. Weinhard’s used to sort of be a regional craft brewer, but they couldn’t hold market share against the big brands and were eventually sold to SABMiller. The original Portland brewery remained in operation for a while, then was closed, with production moved to the Olympia brewer. Since its closure in 2003, Weinhard’s is now brewed under contract by Full Sail. […]

  3. […] in Uncategorized by dailybeerproject on June 14, 2010 Full Sail IPA: Given how much I liked the Full Sail Amber as well as how reasonably priced Full Sail beers are in general, I was anxious to try their other […]

  4. […] seemed hardly hopped at all and was less hoppy than a number of ambers I’ve tried, notably Full Sail and Squatter’s Emigration. I’d rate this on the low end of good–I wouldn’t […]

  5. Retrospective « Daily beer project said, on January 5, 2011 at 10:25 pm

    […] approachable and easy to share with people who aren’t beer geeks, that one beer is Full Sail Amber Ale. It’s not the most notable beer in any one regard, it’s just a solid beer that does […]

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