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Park City Steamer

Posted in American Craft Beer, Moab Brewery, Utah Beer by dailybeerproject on April 29, 2010

Park City Steamer is served at Porcupine, and is listed under the Moab Brewery/Park City Brewery heading on their beer menu. Confusingly, Park City Steamer doesn’t feature on the Moab Brewery website, but if you search for Park City Steamer on Beer Advocate, it indicates that the beer does in fact come from Moab Brewery. I’m guessing that the beers listed on Moab Brewery’s website may be out of date.

Regardless of its provenance, this beer is awesome. It’s a medium brown color, about the same as the Red Rock nut brown ale and it has a nice bite to it right from the outset. It’s got a typical one-finger head that leaves quite a bit of lacing on the glass, and the beer itself is perhaps a bit on the bubbly side, in a good way. One of my new favorites, and definitely something I’ll order again.

Steam beer originated in California in the mid 1800’s out of necessity more than anything else, and was originally considered poor quality. It’s fermented with lager yeast but at room temperature, like an ale, presumably because while lager yeast was readily available, refrigeration was not.

Modern steam beer is properly known as California common beer since Anchor Brewing Company trademarked the name steam beer for their Anchor Steam Beer. Interestingly, Uinta’s Gelande Amber Lager has received medals in the California common beer category at the North American Beer Awards in 2006, 2007, and 2009. Previously this same beer has been submitted and medaled as a Marzen and a Munich-style lager in 2000 and 2003, respectively. Whether this is because the recipe has changed such that the style of the beer has drifted or because there are no hard and fast rules as to what style a specific beer belongs in, I don’t know. I also don’t know whether Gelande is fermented at room temperature, since no mention is made on Uinta’s website.

Perhaps worth noting is that although I liked the Gelande, I liked the Park City Steamer quite a bit more. Given Gelande’s numerous accolades, I’m not sure what that says about my beer judging credentials, but again, as a beer drinker, your own preference is the only one that matters.


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  1. […] 2 of this project. Sort of. Baja Especial is brewed by Park City Brewing Company, which also makes Park City Steamer and is affiliated with Moab Brewery. I figured all the beers were coming from Moab Brewery. In Moab. […]

  2. […] since Anchor brewery trademarked the name, I was anxious to try this one after how much I enjoyed Park City Steamer. Turns out I’m quite fond of the steam or California Common style beers, as this one was […]

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