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Uinta Gelande Amber Lager

Posted in American Craft Beer, Uinta Brewing, Utah Beer by dailybeerproject on April 28, 2010

Gelande was the last of the Uinta offerings I needed to sample to round out that brewery, with the exception of the barley wine, which I may or may not include since it’s a barley wine and not a beer, and I’m already pretty sure I won’t like it (how’s that for a sentence, dug?). I’ve now tried 65 of 85 beers from the ten local breweries*. Once I go to Desert Edge (haven’t had anything there) and wrap up the last three at Red Rock, the easy ones (i.e. in the Salt Lake City area) will be done. A trip to Moab and samplers at the brewery there would then round things up.

*Seriously–we have ten microbreweries in the state (OK, Uinta has enough volume that they’re now a regional specialty brewer rather than a microbrewery), five in Salt Lake City proper with one more about to come online, four more in the metro area, and one way out in the desert. Guess how many there are in Los Angeles? One. Buffalo, NY? Also one, and it just got bought out by another brewery because it was failing financially. And most people here don’t even drink beer. The variety and quality of the beer almost makes up for the wacky liquor laws. And again, I have to wonder if we’d have this variety and quality were there not a need to produce 4% abv beer to satisfy the local laws.

I sampled a pint of this on tap at Ray’s Tavern in Green River, along with one of Ray’s famous cheeseburgers. It was a fabulous combination. Gelande has a nice malty taste with mild hops and goes well with food, as do most ambers. Most of the ambers I’ve tried have been ales, and while I quite like that style, the lager yeast adds just a bit of sourness that is a subtle complement that may not be noticed in a beer with more hops.

So how does this beer rate? Hard to decide between awesome and good here. Awesome beers are those I would gladly buy again, which I would with this one. However, given the choice between this and some of Uinta’s other offerings, notably their Hefeweizen and IPA, as well as WYLD and RYPE from their Four+ label, I would probably choose the others. But having to choose which of five awesome beers to drink at a given moment is a great problem to have.


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