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Three from Four+

Posted in American Craft Beer, Uinta Brewing, Utah Beer by dailybeerproject on April 9, 2010

Over the last several days, I’ve sampled three more of the Four+ label beers from Uinta brewery. Two I got from the brewery, the third (Monkshine) from the state liquor store. The Monkshine is >4% abv, so it’s available at the liquor store*. The others are readily available at grocery stores.

*If you get it there, check the dates. There were several six packs with a bottling date almost a year ago. Several more from back in September. Neither is ideal, but I chose one from September.

The Monkshine was the first I tried. Monkshine is described as a Belgian-style pale ale. I’m not really sure what this means beyond the fact that touting anything as being “Belgian” or “Belgian-style” seems to be a selling point for the marketers. Either way, it was a very good beer. In fact, it was nearly an awesome beer except for a bit of bitterness that was a bit much for me (likely from the higher alcohol content, though this hasn’t been an issue with other Belgians–wonder if it could be related to freshness?). Of the >4% abv local beers I’ve tried, this is probably my favorite.

WYLD is an organic extra pale ale. Color was a lot like a golden or blonde ale, and I think the differences between the three are really semantic. Anyway, my preference for this style of beer was again reinforced, as this one was awesome. It’s quite hoppy in the best possible way. It has a piney, floral aroma that’s pleasant and relaxing, and a taste to match. It pours a nice foamy head and leaves just a bit of lacing on the glass. I didn’t want to finish it because I didn’t have another and will no doubt buy it again. The fact that it’s an organic beer is just an added bonus.

RYPE is described as an orange tingled wheat beer. It says it’s brewed with orange peel and coriander. It’s filtered, so it probably doesn’t have the cloudy appearance characteristic of most wheat beers. I say probably because I drank this one straight from the bottle while I was in the garage working on my bike. I also didn’t want to finish this one because it was so tasty, so it likewise gets a rating of awesome.

My initial impressions of Uinta brewery were that it was a step behind Squatters, Wasatch, and Bohemian, but I’ve since backed off from that position. Based on the quality of these three beers as well as their hefeweizen and IPA, I’d say their overall lineup is on par with the other locals. It’s nice to know so many quality beers are available at the grocery store and the local pubs.


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  1. […] this and some of Uinta’s other offerings, notably their Hefeweizen and IPA, as well as WYLD and RYPE from their Four+ label, I would probably choose the others. But having to choose which of five […]

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    […] as there are a lot of good beers made in Utah, Full Suspension, Chasing Tail, First Amendment, and WYLD among them. But ultimately I chose Bohemian because 1) it’s good; 2) it’s readily […]

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