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Red Rock Nut Brown Ale

Posted in American Craft Beer, Red Rock, Utah Beer by dailybeerproject on March 31, 2010

After enjoying the Trader IPA while waiting for our table, I contemplated ordering another one with dinner. But I also remembered Alex saying that when he goes to Red Rock, he usually orders their nut brown ale, and Porcupine happens to have the Red Rock nut brown ale on tap.

I haven’t been head over heels about any of the brown ales (Newcastle, Samuel Smith’s) I’ve tried to date, so I had no idea whether I would like this one or not. In short, I was blown away by how good it was. It’s perfectly malty sweet with just a touch more hops than the other brown ales I’ve tried. The hops provide a bit of bite that provides a pleasant but in no way overpowering complement to the malt.

This is an incredibly awesome beer, and now the difficulty is going to be sampling other beers when I go to Porcupine. They keep 24 beers on tap, of which I’ve tried 20, so thankfully this dilemma is finite in nature.

The real, real bonus, though, is that as I’ve mentioned before, the primary motivation for this project was being able to enjoy a beer with friends after a bike ride. Red Rock is a common destination for that, so it works out nicely that one of theirs is a beer I consider to be among the most awesome. I’m already looking forward to my next one.


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  1. […] at the beer store, so I figured I’d include it. After the wonderful experience I had with the Red Rock Nut Brown Ale, I was more excited about having this […]

  2. […] of its provenance, this beer is awesome. It’s a medium brown color, about the same as the Red Rock nut brown ale and it has a nice bite to it right from the outset. It’s got a typical one-finger head that […]

  3. […] of what Red Rock has to offer, in my opinion. Especially considering how wonderful their Blonde and Nut Brown ales […]

  4. […] one was how dark it was. It’s called a red, but it was pretty brown. Almost as brown as the Red Rock Nut Brown Ale. As for the taste, well it was awesome. Balanced between malt and hops, with the malt being the […]

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