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Uinta Trader IPA

Posted in American Craft Beer, Uinta Brewing, Utah Beer by dailybeerproject on March 30, 2010

I ordered this beer while waiting for a table at Porcupine Pub on Friday night. Ordering it was a somewhat odd experience.

Me: “I’ll have a Trader IPA please.”

Waitress: “We only have beers from the local breweries. We have an IPA from Uinta Brewery.”

Me: “I’ll have one of those.”

Had I ordered a Chasing Tail, would she have said “I’m sorry we don’t have that, but we have a golden ale from Squatters”? Does it mean I have a problem when I know the beer menu at a local pub better than the staff? Realistically, she probably just thought of it as Uinta IPA and had no idea Uinta calls their India Pale Ale “Trader” just like New Belgium calls their amber “Fat Tire.”

Anyway, on to the beer. It’s awesome. Probably my favorite IPA. Which is probably because it’s not a real IPA. The IPA style was invented so that the beer wouldn’t spoil on a long sea voyage from Great Britain to India. It was brewed to be higher in alcohol and with more hops to prevent spoilage. The hops are fine, the higher alcohol of a typical IPA is what I usually struggle with.

In this case, however, because of our 4% abv limit on beers served on tap, it doesn’t have the higher alcohol content typical of the IPA style. It was hoppy, but not excessively so–comparable to a Full Suspension in that regard. The hops were engaging without being overly bitter, the malt was smooth, everything just came together for a nice, delicious beer. After this and the Golden Spike Hefeweizen, I’m gaining more and more confidence in Uinta as a brewery. I just don’t get why Cutthroat is their most popular beer. But I guess when you consider that Budweiser is the most popular beer in America (the world?), it’s obvious that the palate of the typical beer drinker isn’t all that discriminating.


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  2. […] off from that position. Based on the quality of these three beers as well as their hefeweizen and IPA, I’d say their overall lineup is on par with the other locals. It’s nice to know so […]

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  5. […] decent, drinkable beer, but not my first choice when other options are available. And considering Uinta IPA and Hefeweizen are both available on tap at the brewery pub, I don’t see any reason to order […]

  6. gfarmer said, on June 23, 2011 at 1:50 am

    I would never buy a 4% ipa unless I were in Utah, but I was really happy to have the chance. Wonderful full flavor, even tastes like a full alc ipa.

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