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Wasatch Devastator Double Bock

Posted in American Craft Beer, Utah Beer, Wasatch Beers by dailybeerproject on March 25, 2010

Some people really like the taste of high gravity beers because they like the strong ethanol and other flavors. Unless this is the first post you’ve read, you probably know that I like the higher alcohol content Belgians, but it’s unusual for anyone else to pull it off without it tasting overly bitter to me. It should come as no surprise, then, that I didn’t even expect to like this 8% abv brew.

It was extremely bitter. In fact, I couldn’t taste much besides the bitter. I tried to find some maltiness and only found a little. I tried to find some hoppiness, but it was similarly sparse. All I could taste was bitter and harsh. My wife tried to convince me that I didn’t need to finish it, but I did.

The next day I asked my brother if he’d tried it. He said he can’t stand it either. He had one once and couldn’t finish it. So he gave it to another brother who quite liked it. Glad someone does.

Rating: Not awesome.


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  1. Blackdog said, on March 25, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    One night a friend bought me a beer at the Bayou. I think it was called Samiclaus. It was a very high alcohol beer. It was like drinking paint thinner. I am just not a fan of most beers that are over 6%. The Belgians can sometimes pull it off but most often it is just not good. I have had a Sapporo one time that was OK in a Budwiser kind of way that was in the 10% range. It was made from rice (just like Budwiser) and beer should only be made from water,barley and hops.

    • gregclimbs said, on January 20, 2011 at 6:15 pm

      sorry, late to the blog…

      but ” and beer should only be made from water,barley and hops”?

      that precludes so many great beers that use other good things as well (including the belgians you reference which use adjunct sugars)…

      just sayin’

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