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Chimay Red

Posted in Imports by dailybeerproject on March 23, 2010

Chimay is one of seven Trappist breweries worldwide. Six of the seven are in Belgium, while the seventh is in the Netherlands. Any beer (or cheese, or wine…) bearing the Trappist logo means that the beer was produced within the walls of a Trappist abbey, by or under supervision of Trappist monks. Proceeds from the beer are for support of the abbey (the Trappist order believes monasteries should be self-sufficient) and for other good causes. Not to blaspheme, but beer produced for such noble purposes is almost like drinking holy water. I get a warm, pleasant feeling just thinking about drinking it before I even pop the cork.

Popping the cork is not a figure of speach with regard to Chimay, either. The 75cl bottles are topped with a cork held in by a wire cage, similar to a sparkling wine. Just as it was fun to flip the lever to open the Grolsch bottles for the stout, it was similarly amusing to pop the cork on the Chimay. And just like a sparkling wine, it bubbled and foamed over the top as soon as I opened it.

Chimay isn’t the type of beer you drink by the pint, though I wouldn’t fault you if you did. So we poured it into wine glasses to savor the wonderful aroma and flavor. It pours with a huge, foamy head, similar to other Belgian beers. I imagine it would go nicely with food, in particular something rich and savory, but Chimay is what I would describe as a dessert beer. It tastes so good, and appeals to so many senses, that I wouldn’t want to be distracted by eating while I drank it. And it’s good and satisfying enough that I’d gladly substitute a glass of Chimay for a dessert at the end of a good meal.

Obviously, Chimay is awesome. The fact that it ages well–up to five years for the Red and White, and up to 15 years for the Blue–just makes it that much more awesome. If ever there’s an apocalypse, I’d want some of this in my cellar to enjoy while I wait for the world to be destroyed.


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  1. Alex/Watcher said, on March 23, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    Excellent review. And your point about it going well with food, but being worth savoring standalone, is absolutely spot on.

    BTW, I was in Belgium once, for about 8 hours. The beer (a dark Leffe) I had in the airport waiting for my flight out was quite possibly the tastiest beer I ever had.

    • dailybeerproject said, on March 24, 2010 at 11:08 pm

      Someday I will go to Belgium and watch Tour of Flanders live. And to sample the local beers. Funny that Belgium used to be last on my list of European countries I’d like to visit. I was in Brussels once before and found it incredibly boring.

  2. […] addition to the Pranqster, we also popped the corks on a couple bottles of Chimay, one Red, one Blue. And really, I don’t know which is more awesome. The Red is a little less […]

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