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Squatters Emigration Amber Ale

Posted in American Craft Beer, Squatters, Utah Beer by dailybeerproject on March 11, 2010

I stopped by Squatters after work yesterday to officially embark on phase 2 of the project. Emigration Amber Ale is only available on tap at the brewpub, and is actually the last of the Squatters and Wasatch beers for me to try that isn’t available in bottles. The three remaining Squatters and Wasatch beers I have already purchased in bottles and will probably finish this week.

It was evident when I arrived that I’m not the only person that enjoys local beers. I was fortunate to find a parking place right out front, but every other space within two blocks was filled. Once inside, I sat down at the only empty seat at the bar. I’ve had the same experience on weekday evenings at Bohemian. Makes me think there aren’t enough brewpubs around here.

Before I get into my thoughts about the beer, I want to mention one of the quirks (there are many) of our local liquor laws. Beer sold on tap can be no more than 4% abv, just like beer sold at the grocery store. But liquor licensees are allowed to sell bottled beer that’s higher than 4% abv, so Squatters sells all of their higher alcohol content bottled beers at the pub, all the way up to the 9% abv double IPA. They sell them for $5 a bottle. The guy sitting next to me was buying them for $5 a bottle. And he was by himself. Maybe it’s just me and just that I’m really cheap, but if I’m drinking solo anyway, and I’m not drinking something on tap, I’d much rather go a few blocks south to the Beer Store and purchase those same bottles for $1.34 each and drink them on my couch. Am I alone in this?

Anyway, Emigration Amber is a lovely, copper-colored beer with mild carbonation. Though the head was fairly thin, it dissipated slowly. The flavor was a little different from other ambers I’ve tried in that the malt flavor was much less pronounced than the hops. This beer was a little on the hoppy side for my taste, and though I enjoyed it, that extra hoppiness was the only reason I’d rate it “good” rather than “awesome.” Still a lovely beer and one I’d probably order again considering it’s only available on tap at the brewpub.


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  1. […] hopped at all and was less hoppy than a number of ambers I’ve tried, notably Full Sail and Squatter’s Emigration. I’d rate this on the low end of good–I wouldn’t turn it down if offered, but […]

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