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Red Rock Blonde Ale & Phase 2 of this Project

Posted in American Craft Beer, Red Rock, The Project, Utah Beer by dailybeerproject on March 10, 2010

This project has introduced me to a number of fine local beers. In fact, I’ve become fascinated enough with the local offerings that I’ve tried to sample new ones whenever possible. Ironically, one of the local brewpubs I had not yet tried a beer from, Red Rock, was what motivated me to start the project to begin with. You see Red Rock is in a convenient location for the end of a bike ride. And beer goes with bike rides like cleavage goes with the Oscars–you can have the latter without the former, but it just isn’t the same. It was these post bike ride visits to Red Rock with friends that were enjoying their beers that motivated me to do this project. Yet for whatever reason, I never got around to trying anything from Red Rock until now.

That changed recently when I stopped by one of my favorite watering holes after skiing. They had Red Rock Blonde Ale on tap, so I ordered a pint. It is an eminently agreeable and delicious beer. No surprise given my affinity for golden ales, but I’m certainly pleased to find yet another of local provenance that I enjoy. Especially since it’s available at places I frequent. It goes without saying that this beer gets a rating of awesome.

So I mentioned when I finished the official “project” that I’d keep posting as occasion permitted, I was just departing from the daily ritual. And I wasn’t going to limit myself to beer.

Well, I plan to continue doing that, but being as I am a bit on the thorough and systematic side of the spectrum, I decided to launch another phase of this project: I intend to sample every locally-produced beer in the state.

This is a big undertaking, so I’m not giving myself a deadline, and it won’t include all the seasonal varieties (one of the smaller brewpubs has dozens of seasonals but only five year-round offerings). I’ve identified 75 beers from ten breweries that I’ll get to before I’m done.

Of the ten breweries, I’ve sampled at least one beer from seven of them for a total of 26 beers already. I’ve sampled every beer Bohemian offers. Which is not to say I won’t be going back to Bohemian, because Bohemian is awesome. Squatters has the largest selection, and because of proximity and convenience, I’ve already sampled nine of 12 beers and could easily be done with Squatters and Wasatch within a week. And of course, I’ll write about every one, so stay tuned.


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