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Hop Rising Double IPA

Posted in American Craft Beer, Squatters, Utah Beer by dailybeerproject on February 24, 2010

After trying the Orval at 8.5% abv and not noticing any bitterness, I decided to give another high alcohol content local beer a try. I expected this beer, based on its name, to be exceptionally hoppy. It was. Based on its alcohol content (9% abv), I expected it to be unpleasantly bitter. It was not.

The hops were so strong, I thought it was going to take the enamel off of my teeth. But if you recall, as a supertaster, there are instances when I taste bitter but others do not, sort of like how bees can see ultraviolet. But ordinary bitter tastes, well, ordinary (although there is no way to calibrate whether my ordinary is the same as your ordinary–could be that if you tasted the way I taste, everything would be overwhelmingly strong, and if I tasted the way you taste, I would find everything underwhelmingly bland). And hops, while bitter, are not the same sort of unpleasant bitter I sometimes get from alcohol. Weird, I know.

Weirder still is that the hop flavor was so strong that I hardly noticed the bitterness from the alcohol. And while I’ll admit that the hoppiness was a little much for me, I had an easier time with this one than I did the 5% abv Sam Adams Boston Ale or the 5.7% abv Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Given my choice of those three, I’d choose the Hop Rising first.

Rating: good.


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  1. […] so Squatters sells all of their higher alcohol content beers from the pub, all the way up to the 9% abv double IPA. They sell them for $5 a bottle. The guy sitting next to me was buying them for $5 a bottle. And he […]

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