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Beer #27: Delirium Tremens

Posted in Imports by dailybeerproject on February 14, 2010

The first thing I noticed about Delirium Tremens was the distinctive bottle. The bottle itself is made of brown glass–ordinary enough. Except you can’t see the brown glass. The exterior has a white enamel and there’s blue foil around the top. It makes for a unique, distinctive look, with the added benefit of keeping the beer from becoming light struck. I have no idea if this was the motivation for the enamel; according to wikipedia it serves the aesthetic purpose of lending the appearance of cologne ceramics.

Delirium Tremens is produced by the Huyghe Brewery, which was established in 1654, so I’m guessing they’ve learned a thing or two about beer production in that time. The accolades Delirium Tremens has won suggest they have–it’s been named “best beer in the world” and #1 of the 50 greatest beers of all time.

But who cares what other people think? What matters to me is whether I like it. Turns out, I do. Despite the 8.5% abv, this beer is smooth and delicious. It pours with a huge, thick head that dissipates slowly. It has a bit of sourness similar to the Duvel, but like the Duvel, the sourness is pleasant and becomes more so as you consume the beer. Also like the Duvel, it’s a beer to be savored. I can’t see drinking more than two of these–in fact, we were out for dinner and drinks with my brother, and he ordered a Duvel followed by a Delirium Tremens, and opted against a third when we were watching a movie after dinner (which is actually when I had this one).

So you may be wondering what I drank with dinner. Turns out this is a bonus post, as I tried two more local beers on tap with my dinner. First was a Uinta Brewing Cutthroat Pale Ale, what I’ve been told is the most popular local beer in the state. Frankly, I don’t see why. I’ve tried two offerings from Uinta brewing, and in both cases I’ve liked the Squatters beer of that style better. I’ll take Full Suspension over Cutthroat any day. Which is not to say Cutthroat is bad or that I’d turn it down, there are just other beers I’d choose given the option.

I also had a Dead Horse Amber Ale from Moab Brewery. This was a delightful beer. Over at beer advocate, the reviews often mention “a good session beer,” in other words a beer you could drink more than one of in a sitting. This is one of those beers. Smooth and light without being bland and boring. It’s got a balanced flavor profile with just enough of everything but not too much of anything. I haven’t seen it in bottles, but it’s available on tap at two of my favorite spots, so it’s one I’ll definitely order again.

I should also point out that I had these three beers last night (Friday) and technically I should be on beer #28 today, which is PBR. However, we met some friends for dinner tonight, and I didn’t feel like drinking the PBR before we left, and I was too full after I got home, so it will have to wait. I may get to it after I get back from skiing tomorrow (which seems the perfect time to drink PBR), or it may wait until Monday. Tomorrow being Valentine’s day, in the evening I’m going to enjoy something bubbly, just not beer.

But since I didn’t drink the scheduled PBR today, I’ll mention what I did have with dinner: Guinness on tap, and Roosters Heavenly Cream Ale. My brother mentioned last night the same think Mike pointed out in the comments when I had a bottled Guinness: that it’s much better on tap than from a bottle. Much better. On tap, it has a thick creamy head, a smooth body, and a full but very pleasant flavor. I would have ordered another had I not also wanted to try something from another local brewery. The Heavenly Cream Ale was also good, and how can you not love a brewery named Roosters?

Summary thoughts: I’m officially on beer 27, but I’ve tried well over 30 at this point. I could call it quits (except I’ve still never had a Budweiser), but I’m having too much fun. What started out as a 30 day project will doubtless go on, albeit with a bit less rigor, indefinitely. Camping just got way better.


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  2. […] I’m gaining more and more confidence in Uinta as a brewery. I just don’t get why Cutthroat is their most popular beer. But I guess when you consider that Budweiser is the most popular beer […]

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  5. […] had (Fat Tire gets that distinction). It’s not even the best local amber I’ve had (Dead Horse gets that distinction). But it’s still awesome. And it’s readily available in bottles […]

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