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Beer #21: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Posted in American Craft Beer by dailybeerproject on February 3, 2010

This is a beer I would like to like. Someday, if I get over this bitterness sensitivity, I will like it. But that day is not today. At 5.7% abv, it was just a bit too strong and therefore bitter for my taste. When I tried to parse out the bitterness, though, everything else was pleasant. This is one I will likely come back to in the future, but not too soon.

In other news, I had no idea how many brewpubs were in the area–I just discovered two more. No way I’m going to be able to sample something from all of them before the project is through. Hoping to knock off a couple more this weekend, but we’ll see.

Tonight will be my first “light” beer. We’ll see how that goes. I should have started in on light beer earlier since having beer every single day for three weeks has led to a little superfluous softness around the midsection.


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  1. […] as much as I enjoyed the Summerfest and the Glissade, I think I need to revisit Sierra Nevada’s flagship Pale Ale. I tried it early on in the project, and stronger beers (in hops and alcohol) were a little […]

  2. […] Nevada Torpedo IPA: I bought this one by accident. I was interested in revisiting the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Both have green labels, both were adjacent one another at the liquor store, and I just grabbed the […]

  3. […] Nevada Pale Ale (revisited): This is a beer I wanted to like very early in this project but didn’t. I’m happy to report that I like it now. I was in […]

  4. […] two I’ve tried have been on the high end. In fact, Powder Hound tastes quite a bit like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and at 6.2% abv, right down to the bitterness. To be sure, they each have their subtleties. For […]

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