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Beer #17: Bohemian Viennese Lager

Posted in American Craft Beer, Bohemian, Utah Beer by dailybeerproject on January 30, 2010

Frequent commenter BradK suggested that I check out Bohemian Brewery, a local operation that I didn’t know existed until yesterday.* Turned out to be a good tip. They’re a bit of a smaller operation and keep four beers on tap plus a seasonal selection. Their signature Pilsner is available locally in cans as well.

*OK, I knew they existed–I’d seen their canned beer in the stores–but I didn’t realize they were local.

Brad suggested I get samples of all four and then order a pint of what I liked best. When I ordered the four samples, they actually brought me five beers: pilsner, Viennese lager, Bavarian white, cherny bock, as well as their bonus seasonal selection, a black wheat (schwenkelweiss) nitro.

If you’ve been following this project, you may recall that some of the darker beers have been overwhelmingly bitter. In fact all of them have. Moreover, the Bohemian Viennese lager is very hoppy. So if my bitterness sensitivity is to the darker beers or to the hops, it would have been evident when sampling from Bohemian. I think I can safely say the bitterness is coming from the alcohol, because these were all 4% abv beers, and none of them were unpleasantly bitter. In fact, they were all very good.

The Bavarian white was my favorite wheat beer I’ve had so far, but the black wheat was probably my second favorite wheat. Both were delightful. And the Pilsner and Viennese were the two best lagers I’ve had so far. I did not expect to like the cherney bock, but even that was enjoyable and something I’d consider ordering. More than anything, this suggests to me that I prefer the lower alcohol content beers available locally (referred to amusingly as non-intoxicating beer if you’re in Missouri), and I also prefer beer served on tap over beer served in bottles.

After sampling all five, I ordered a pint of Brad’s favorite, the Viennese lager. As I mentioned, it was hoppy, enough so to have some bite, but in a pleasant way. It had just a slight hint of sourness at first, followed by the bite of the hops and the carbonation, with a smooth finish, and little if any aftertaste. I was just about ready to dismiss lagers altogether, but this one changed my mind.

As an added bonus, while out with my wife last night, I had occasion to order a Uinta Solstice Kolsch-style Ale. So I’ve now sampled from four of the seven local brewers I’m aware of. I think I’ll continue sampling local and regional beers for the next six just to get more exposure. The Solstice was a pleasant golden ale that I selected specifically because of its similarity to my favorite beer so far, Squatters Chasing Tail. The Solstice was good and a good option when that’s what’s available on tap, but I prefer Chasing Tail. Can’t put my finger on any one thing other than there just seems to be more to Chasing Tail than to Solstice.

Summary thoughts: I’m glad to have found a lager I like–I won’t give up on that style. Also pleased that I’m enjoying local beers so well. Just over half way through and I’m pretty much ready to call the project a success based on the fact that I can now order a beer on social occasions and be confident I’ll end up with something I like.


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  1. […] It did, however, give me hope that I’ll come to embrace the bitterness, as BradK suggested, because while it was bitter, I didn’t dislike it. It wasn’t nearly as pleasant as a strong wine, but I can see myself coming to like the stronger alcohol flavor in beer (I quite like it in wine) at some point. Until then, I’m happy to have our “non-intoxicating” local beers. […]

  2. […] not particularly hoppy, nor is it bitter in the least. It’s like a less-hoppy version of the Bohemian Viennese Lager. Both are beers I look forward to having […]

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