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Beer #4: Staropramen

Posted in Imports, Macrobrews by dailybeerproject on January 17, 2010

After the more-positive-than-I-expected experience with the Samuel Adams Boston Lager the other night, I was wondering whether I would decide I prefer lagers to Ales. After tonight, I can say so far that has been the case.

I wouldn’t say there was anything spectacular about the Staropramen. The flavor was more complex, more suitable to savor, than the hefeweizen I had last night. That being said, the bitterness was still a bit more pronounced than I’d prefer, though I think I’m getting used to it. If the bitterness in beer is anything like the bitterness in coffee, it’s just a matter of time to become accustomed to it, because I love the bitterness of coffee.

If I compare Staropramen to other drinks I enjoy, I’d rate it somewhere between hard cider and a good wine. I find hard cider refreshing, pleasant-tasting (certainly more so than beer), and enjoyable to drink. I do not, however, savor it or ponder the flavor–I drink it, it tastes good in the moment, and it’s done. Good wine has deep, complex flavor sufficient to savor and enjoy for hours. One glass of wine can provide pleasure not just while drinking it, but well after when remembering the rich, delightful experience. The Staropramen had sufficiently complex flavor to savor while I drank it, but I doubt it’s something I’ll think much about afterward.

Summary thoughts: So far I’m preferring the lagers to the ales, but for incongruous reasons. The first ale overwhelmed me; the second was underwhelming. I’ve enjoyed the complexity of both lagers more or less equally, though I’m hoping I come to enjoy the bitterness since I don’t presently (even if it’s not nearly so unpleasant as it was the first day). If I had to pick a favorite so far, I’d say the Staropramen is it. Whether that has more to do with the quality of the beer or me just coming to appreciate the flavor of beer, I have no idea. Up next is Guiness. I expect that to be a very different experience–we’ll see if the difference is a positive one.


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  1. Sally said, on January 17, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    Not a huge beer fan myself, except if in college or it’s really hot out, but I do like a nice chewy beer like stout. I’ll look forward to seeing what you think of the Guiness.

  2. Alex/Watcher said, on January 18, 2010 at 7:05 am

    Stout is good, but sort of… not like beer. It wouldn’t appeal to me on a hot day, and I’m not sure I’ve ever drunk more than 1 at a sitting. But it’s an appealing beer if you’re drinking beer on a cold day, or maybe to chase down something heavy, like a bowl of mashed potatoes.

    • dailybeerproject said, on January 18, 2010 at 7:30 am

      The Guiness was very filling. I couldn’t have had another Guiness. Or another of anything for that matter.

  3. etiberius said, on January 18, 2010 at 2:58 pm

    My local watering hole likes to brag about their beer selection- and they have a whole lot of these obscure( at least to me) European lagers. I grabbed a copy of their beer menu- converted it to a spreadsheet and started making my way through the list. I got stuck in this section of these lagers and I had a Staropramen that I thought was vile.

    I checked the bottle and it was several years out of date. Green bottle+ lighted cooler+ several years to age= one skunky overpriced import.

    I really haven’t even tried it again

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